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Marbella, Spain A great city with authenticity
Fuengirola, Spain The best place for your holidays
Torremolinos Ideal for families and children
Malaga, Spain A big and living city

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Kaypic simplifies an organizer's activities by streamlining tasks that previously required multiple actions to complete.

Choose between two activity categories: League Management or Participant Management. "League Management" focuses on team sports, handling schedules, player attendance, and individual stats. Sports organizations that will add game schedule, and individual stats availbale sports

(1)Accept payments with Stripe
(2)Free Assistant to guarantee success
(3)Participant online registration
(4)Send Payment Link to participants
(5)Send Bulk messaging by email(free) and Text Messages
(6)Delegate work to others with Users & Roles
(6)Sell T-shirts and more on Kaypic Store
(7)Live Attendance management of participants
(8)Get Full Financial report per activity
(9)Volunteer Management
(10)Equipment Management
(11)Your personal web page : https://www.kaypic.com/[yourcirclename]
(12)Post News, Events
(13)Grow your fanbase by accumulating followers
(1)Group Management
League Management
(1)Team Management
(2)Game schedule Management
(3)Spare management
(4)Game Attendance confirmation (email/sms)
(5)Player Stats
(1) Stripe Fees as july 27 2023 : 2.9%+30cents per transaction
(2) Free Assistant to guarantee success.
(3) Registration fee : Stripe see (1) + 0.75% kaypic fee per registration
(5) Eemail messages is free. Fees only applies when sending Text messages through buying of "Kredits"